Cool down workout for Runners

It’s important to cool down after a run because stretching helps avoid muscle pain, prevents injuries and assists in removal of lactic acid from your muscles. These stretches are designed for after your run when your muscles are warm, just don’t forget to breathe deeply as your muscles need oxygen to relax.

7 mins

Runners Cool Down

This cool down focuses on lengthening and gradually stretching out muscles that support you during your run. Think hip flexors, calves and hamstrings!


29 cal


Exercise Mat

8 Exercises

Narrow Squat with Back Kick

10 reps

Lateral Squat Stretch • Left


Lateral Squat Stretch • Right


Hip Flexor Stretch • Left


Hip Flexor Stretch • Right


Side Lunge

12 reps

Calf Stretch • Left


Calf Stretch • Right


Benefits of this workout

  • Prevents injury
  • Avoids muscle pain
  • Designed for runners
  • Assists in mental unwind
  • Reduces risk of dizziness
  • Can be done anywhere

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