Set your Apple Watch to shred o'clock

The ZX5 Workout Program uses your Apple Watch and the science of heart rate training to burn maximum calories and ignite your fitness.

3x workouts per week.

Five zone heart rate system.

Measure your heart rate zone in real-time and adjust your training intensity to match the trainers cue.

Get better results.

By combining heart rate training with amazing music, challenging exercises and live audio coaching, Zova’s ZX5 Program will help you get better results, faster.

Feel like you're in the room.

With rich video, crystal clear audio coaching and amazing music, Zova’s ZX5 Program reproduces the studio class experience in your living room.

Music for max motivation.

When it comes to working out, energy is everything. Pump it up with a new playlist every week, available through Apple Music or Spotify.

Recorded live every week.

Like your favourite podcast, Zova’s ZX5 Program is recorded fresh every week. Meaning our workouts feel exciting and different every time.