Fitness to the power of three

Get amazing results, faster than ever with three unique workouts each week. Featuring killer soundtracks that’ll boost you to burn calories and ignite your fitness.

Weekly Workouts

Set your Apple Watch to shred o’clock.

Zova Training Zones for Apple Watch tracks your heart rate with amazing accuracy, so you can push your limits and your calorie burn every time.

Get better results.

Zova’s weeky program delivers stunning results. Amazing music. Challenging exercises. And a trainer who pushes your body to the limit. Every. Single. Week.

Feel like you're in the room.

With rich video, crystal clear audio coaching and amazing jams, Zova’s weekly program is the ultimate studio fitness classes, built around your schedule.

Music for max motivation

When it comes to working out, energy is everything. Pump it up with a new Zova playlist every week, available through Apple Music or Spotify.

Recorded live every week

Like your favourite podcast, Zova’s weekly program are recorded fresh every week with Vix at the helm. Meaning our workouts feel exciting and different every time.