Pre-exam energy boost workout

Feeling sluggish? Hours of studying will do that to you! What you need is this short bodyweight workout to boost your energy levels, increase your focus and help with your next exam performance. This workout also increases your endorphin levels, meaning you’ll be less stressed and happier.

10 mins

Balanced Strength

Enjoy foundational bodyweight exercises that will develop balanced strength & relieve bodily stress.


53 cal


Exercise Mat, Chair

10 Exercises

Archer Lunges

12 reps

Push-Up • Knees

8 reps


10 reps


10 reps

Bridge Lift

10 reps

Plank Row Tricep Extension

10 reps

Calf Raises • Chair

15 reps

Alternating Lunges

12 reps

Alternating Supermans

10 reps

Elbow Plank with Quick Step


Benefits of this workout

  • Improves concentration
  • Relieves mental stress
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Promotes positive thinking
  • Increases joint movement
  • Improves blood flow

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