Top 10 legs moves to burn fat

It’s time to wear that mini skirt with confidence this summer! These quick and easy moves will help create a more athletic look for your legs in less than 10 minutes. The cardio boost will also increase your energy, motivation and self confidence. Bring on the hot weather!

11 mins

Lower Body Buzz

Tackle this challenging workout with 10 exercises that target and strengthen every part of your lower body!


87 cal


Exercise Mat

10 Exercises

Burpee To Alternating Lunges

15 reps

Wide To Narrow Squat Jumps


Mountain Climbers • Fast


Pulse Lunge x 3 • Left

10 reps

Pulse Lunge x 3 • Right

10 reps

Full Depth Squat Jump

15 reps

Single Leg Hip Raise Lateral Swing • Right

15 reps

Single Leg Hip Raise Lateral Swing • Left

15 reps

Narrow Squat with Back Kick

15 reps

Glute Bridge • Double Leg

15 reps

Benefits of this workout

  • Improves flexibility
  • Increase muscle size
  • Designed to burn fat
  • Promotes muscle tone
  • Increases energy
  • Improves metabolism

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