The easy no-equipment beginner workout

Don’t have much experience in working out? No problems! Welcome to Fitness 101. These high intensity exercises are specially designed for beginners who want to burn fat in less than 10 minutes. And the best part is you can do this workout in the comfort of your own home.

9 mins

Functional 10

Get fit with functional movements that improve your day to day activity!


63 cal


Exercise Mat

10 Exercises

Butterfly Crunch


Push-Up • Knees

10 reps

Single Leg Hip Raise Lateral Swing • Right

10 reps

Single Leg Hip Raise Lateral Swing • Left

10 reps

Plank to Down-Dog

12 reps

Sea Turtles

10 reps

Capoeira Lunges

12 reps

Bridge Hold


High Plank


Standing Calf Raises

20 reps

Benefits of this workout

  • Increases self confidence
  • Designed to burn fat
  • Assists learning coordination
  • No equipment needed
  • Improve cardio health
  • Tones muscles

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