Results-focused core workout for losing belly fat

Stubborn tummy fat can hang around for years, even if you’re exercising regularly. However, the secret to shedding excess weight is a core workout that combines dynamic continuous exercises so your heart rate rises and your body burns fat. This quick workout also helps define your abs and obliques. Bonus!

13 mins

Active Abs Circuit

Enhance your day with this core circuit! You'll enjoy a series of exercises that target your abs, obliques and lower back for well rounded strength and fat loss.


92 cal


Exercise Mat

12 Exercises

Plank • Toes


Push-Up • Toes

8 reps


12 reps

Heel Taps • Fast


Glute Bridge • Double Leg

20 reps

Twisting Plank

12 reps

Side Plank • Left


Side Plank • Right


Transverse Mountain Climbers


Sit-Up To Russian Twist

15 reps

High Plank


Cross Body Crunches

15 reps

Benefits of this workout

  • Increases your heart rate
  • Designed for fat burning
  • Increases happiness levels
  • Promotes motivation
  • Reduces back pain
  • Improves self confidence

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