8 at-home bodyweight exercises to tone up fast

On the hunt for a leaner and stronger looking body? So are we! That’s why we curated this quick and user-friendly toning workout, packed with dynamic exercises you can do at home. Work nearly every part of your body using just your own body weight. You’ll tone up fast, as well as look and feel fitter!

8 mins

Lean & Strong

Develop lean muscle mass with this quick bodyweight workout. Engage your core throughout each rep to get the full benefits of each exercise!


52 cal


Exercise Mat

8 Exercises

Diagonal Lunges

10 reps

Push-Up • Toes

10 reps

Modified Side Plank • Left


Modified Side Plank • Right


Squat to Side Lunge

15 reps

Single-Arm Tricep Push-Ups • Left

12 reps

Single-Arm Tricep Push-Ups • Right

12 reps

Plank • Toes


Benefits of this workout

  • Develops full-body strength
  • Improves posture
  • Strengthens core
  • Increases cardio fitness
  • Encourages fat burning
  • No equipment required

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