Arm toning workout for home

A strong upper body is good for more than just looking great in a tank top 💪. When you work your arms, shoulders and back you’ll improve posture as well as ease back and neck pain.

10 mins

Arm Agility

Learn easy, quick-burst movements that’ll improve your agility with tricep pulses, slow mountain climbers and push-ups!


55 cal


Exercise Mat

11 Exercises

Single-Arm Tricep Push-Ups • Left

10 reps

Single-Arm Tricep Push-Ups • Right

10 reps

Walking Plank

8 reps

Beyonce Hip Raise • Left

15 reps

Beyonce Hip Raise • Right

15 reps

Tricep Pulses • Knees


Push-Up • Knees

8 reps

Modified Side Plank • Left


Modified Side Plank • Right


Mountain Climbers • Slow


Twisting Plank

8 reps

Benefits of this workout

  • Increases core strength
  • Defines arm muscles
  • Burns calories quickly
  • Improves overall strength
  • Tones bust area
  • Do anywhere, anytime

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