The best lower ab workout for a killer core

Create a flatter, more toned tummy by focusing on your lower abs. Apart from looking great, having a stronger core will help with your posture and alignment, as well as reduce any back pain you might have. This core-blasting killer workout takes less than 10 minutes and doesn’t require any equipment.

9 mins

Crunch & Plank

Crunch and plank your way to a stronger core focusing on your lower abs. And you'll be finished in under 10 minutes!


59 cal


Exercise Mat

12 Exercises

Modified V-Ups

8 reps

Beyonce Hip Raise • Left

8 reps

Beyonce Hip Raise • Right

8 reps


8 reps

Glute Bridge • Double Leg

8 reps

Plank Hip Dip • Left


Plank Hip Dip • Right


Mountain Climber Taps


Plank to Down-Dog

10 reps

Heel Taps • Fast


Modified Side Crunch • Left


Modified Side Crunch • Right


Benefits of this workout

  • Tones your lower abs
  • Assists digestive processes
  • Encourages core stability
  • increases metabolism
  • Assists functional movement
  • Improves balance

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