8 exercises for lower abs that really work

Forget sit ups, for a toned and tighter tummy you need a mix of targeted lower ab exercises. This killer core workout is specially designed to work your abs, obliques and lower body. You’ll feel stronger, fitter and firmer in less than 10 minutes. And as it’s a body-weighted workout, you don’t need any equipment!

9 mins

Cardio Core

Improve your core strength while getting a quick cardio hit with this short and sharp bodyweight workout.


73 cal


Exercise Mat

8 Exercises

Mountain Climber Taps


Modified Side Plank • Left


Modified Side Plank • Right



15 reps

Russian Twist


Compound Crunch

15 reps

Up-Down Planks • Knees

20 reps

Super Girl

20 reps

Benefits of this workout

  • Works the core
  • Promotes a flatter stomach
  • Defines lower abs
  • Improves balance
  • Increases metabolisms
  • Decreases back pain and stiffness

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