The 10 best fat burning belly exercises ever

Create a flatter, tighter tummy with a targeted fat-burning workout. By working on your obliques, core and lower abdominal muscles, you’ll reduce your waistline and build the foundations of a six pack. These specially curated bodyweight exercises are intense and effective, and will help you carve out tummy definition in five minutes.

9 mins

Dynamic Core Strength

Move your way through a series of dynamic bodyweight exercises that will activate your core muscles and burn fat simultaneously!


54 cal


Exercise Mat

14 Exercises

Oblique Crunches • Left

8 reps

Oblique Crunches • Right

8 reps

Up & Down Planks

8 reps

Beyonce Hip Raise • Left

8 reps

Beyonce Hip Raise • Right

8 reps

Mountain Climbers With Brazilian Crunch

8 reps

Rest • Take a Break


Plank Reaches


Alternating Leg Lowers


Modified Side Plank • Left


Modified Side Plank • Right


Windshield Wipers

10 reps

Down Dog Abs • Left

10 reps

Down Dog Abs • Right

10 reps

Benefits of this workout

  • Increases cardiovascular fitness
  • Burns fat with dynamic movements
  • Strengthens abdominals
  • Increase core stability
  • Improves balance,
  • Builds lean muscle mass

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