How do I exercise to lose weight?

Exercise is essential for living a healthy and happy life, but if you’re trying to lose weight it’s even more important. Where do you start? Let’s start with a full body workout which targets multiple muscles to maximise calorie burn.

8 mins

Full Body Burner

Work your arms, legs and core throughout this 10 minute bodyweight workout. You'll enjoy the dynamic movements which will loosen up your joints and have you feeling refreshed!


62 cal


Exercise Mat, Chair

13 Exercises


8 reps

Plank to Down-Dog

12 reps

Glute Kickbacks • Left

8 reps

Glute Kickbacks • Right

8 reps

Plank Hip Dip • Left


Plank Hip Dip • Right


Standing Calf Raises

20 reps

Mermaid Pushups

6 reps

Glute Bridge • Left

10 reps

Glute Bridge • Right

10 reps

Russian Twist


Diamond Push Up • Chair

6 reps

Capoeira Lunges

25 reps

Benefits of this workout

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